Welcome the the ARRG.US Array

Please find Do's and Don'ts for smoother operation below.

Do's and Don'ts on the ARRAY.

Do's and Don'ts for smoother operation
Because of the nature of digital and possible extreme latency in each connection and timing for forward correction we need to have different protocol for operation.

We have gotten on for some time with out imposing this but we must now.

You are Identified each time you key up that is translated to the screens of other users radios or appliances and is posted on dashboard.

No need to ID everyone that is in "Round Robin" or conflab. Just turn it over to the next in line by name or call. (again YOU DON'T NEED TO USE YOUR CALL HERE EVERY TIME YOU KEY UP, AND ESPECIALLY NOT THE OTHER 10 PEOPLE.) NO NEED FOR "Returning" we can hear and see your back.

DO NOT: "CQCQCQ" or "waiting for a call" "Listening through" or other such solicitation.

DO: say your callsign, listen for a bit then again. Or check the list to see who is on and call someone on it. Once you are a regular user others will know who you are, after all they're not far from an internet browser to look you up. Please have a valid email address listed on QRZ in its proper place.

DO NOT: give call sign in phonetics unless asked for clarification, then use international phonetic alphabet. (cute phonetics are OK in conversation but not for ID.) There is no need to ID every time you key. No one except the stations connected to it will hear you.

Do: Leave more time before keying up, quick keying may not engage all nodes.

These Do's and Do Not's: Do Not and are not meant to circumvent any rules and regulations of your licensing agencies.

These Do's and Do Not's: Do make for a more pleasant conversation arena and smoother operation of the system.